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This is the official site of Author J. Joy Maestas.


Sharing my journeys is what my writing is all about!  I never know which direction the creative guides or Ascended Masters will take me.

Life is not a destination but a journey.  One that is really never ending.  We may transition but our spark never stops shinning.

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The Archangels Light –

KTS Reader – Quick and easy read describes author’s quest to understand the grid of large and small lights she keeps being shown in her visions. Through her inquiries, she learns much about Angel’s, archangels, the meaning and nature of the light grid, and how she is a part of it and everything else. Explains simply and engagingly what could be made to seem so complicated. Stays with you even after you finish. Recommend!

Jewelling Grace – This little book is full of big ideas and much grace. This charming lady weaves the ups and downs of this voyage of seeking and discovery with humor. She inspires us all to persevere with love and a desire to know more, understand more deeply.

Clayton W. – As one who shares this journey I found this book easy to follow and I’m sure it will help me explain our mission to those who seek it.

Johnnie W. – Thank you for your insightful journey as it continues one lesson at a time. I appreciate the love you give.

Moira – A refreshing and down to earth autobiographical story about one woman’s open hearted journey of the Spirit. She does not hold back as she follows the clues of the Universe to find her path to purpose. Her story is both instructional and inspirational, reading this may encourage you to make your own journey as well!

Suzi – I really enjoyed this little book and it tied together many thoughts and questions I have had. Thank you so much and I look forward to the journey.

Tammy – This is an amazing fast read of an incredible journey. It is one that I am most definitely excited about. I recommend this book for all who are interested in being a part of something that is bigger than us all.